Vader Sessions


That Darth Vader sure is a silly bastard.


That sure is funny.

wow. random lines that may or may not have something remotely to do with the gender of the person in the scene at the time.

what a riot.

what kind of attention span do you think we have, hedo?

I didn't think I'd last 9 mins. But I did.....PENIS!!!

There were a couple minutes of flat spots. Other than that, it was about the most rofl thing I've ever seen =)

I loved the dang tuning the radio bit.

second the radio thing...


ya, im gonna watch over nine minutes of that. i dont think so!

Don't know if anyone knows the tune they start playing at 8:38. Can anyone tell me what the name of the song is? First one that posts is the winner. Thanx =P

Billy Joel : My Life Yay I win !

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