Elmo on Oprah


Did anybody know the voice of Elmo was a big black guy?


Aw. How cute.

but Oprah didn't thank Elmo for coming on the show. What a bitch.

She just ruined the illusion for at least a few thousand kids who's parents thought Elmo would be on the show.

When Kermit guest hosted the Tonight Show, they didn't show the guy doing the puppeteering (I believe it was Jim Henson). But Oprah has to be OH SO SPECIAL.

What a bitch.

The word is 'whose', Bob.

Hi, welcome to English.

"She just ruined the illusion for at least a few thousand kids who is parents thought Elmo would be on the show."


And anyhow, I really don't think Kids care. I remember watching the fraggles when I was a kid. I saw the sticks that controlled the arms and stuff but I didn't care. They're very skilled at suspending disbelief and just enjoying things for what they are.

Oprah only had him on because he is black .
Did you hear her?
"I am so glad it was you."

Nope, sorry, I'm straight. Better luck next time.

AyeRoxor...you are such a bitch.


Please do us all a favor and die, you fucking mouth-breather.

Iono, I still <3 AyeRoxor.

WAAAHHHH!! I made a mistake!! WAAHHH!!!

You're one funny child, Aye.

Aye Roxor is funny? Who the fuck said that b4? That person is retarded.

There there, little one. Sometimes, people may disagree with you. It doesn't make them wrong.

You're learning so much!

AyeRoxor, Tampa you bastard? I'm stuck in this goddamn retirement home, Spring Hill.

Aye Dude! Is that really you? That's so awesome that I have a face to the... uh... name? ... handle? ... alter-ego? ... pseudonym?

I will stand in defence of AyeRoxor's funny bone. I have had quite a few belly laughs from some of his more lucid comments. However his penchent for correcting English grammar can be VERY annoying! Plus, he's one of the few people on this site that can actually put up a decent argument during a theological disagreement.
Summary: Though wrong about the HUGE things [like God], AyeRoxor has all the small stuff covered [like grammar, culture and poli-sci].

God, spelling, and grammar are all over rated. Now suck me, everyone!

I don't see your problem with ayeroxor. Is it a bad thing to be smart and fix peoples wrong? Guys, learn of your mistakes and learn to take criticism.

That should be a capital "A" for AyeRoxor, Bernie. Sort it out.

Being American automatically means you are uncultured....

Being American also means you know nothing about poli-sci...

Knowing three languages = tri-lingual, knowing two languages = bi-lingual, knowing one language =.... american

Ayeroxor is 27 or 28 years of age? Why does he use the username of a 13 year old pimple-faced boy?

@sboy: I have an American in one of my classes, and honest to God he's a bigger douche than Ayeroxor, plus he's there in real life. I can't click the red x and ignore him! I have met other Americans however, and most are nice. It's just people like Aye and his ilk that ruin the reputation of an entire nation.

As I like to say, don't hate people because of their race/nationality. If you get to know them, you can hate them for so much more!!!


"Go learn of your mistakes!" If you're going to give advice, at least don't be a complete idiot.

Pastor Al, if you think it's awesome that you saw AyeRoxor's picture, you need more friends. Seriously dude.... if you really like him that much, you should find him for that cup of coffee.

I think it's neat to put a face to a conversation. I would go for coffee... if he didn't live 1000 miles away!!!
[PS - you're right, I do need more friends! Who doesn't???]

What the heck does your handle mean???

This is a handle I've used since I was, yes, a pimply-faced teenager. Its meaning is clouded in secrecy!

Aww, he really is in high school!


I'm going to take a guess...
You play guitar and wanted to be the AxeRocker...[Axe=Guitar] and then it morphed into AxeRoxer... and then someone already had that so you had to find a letter that looked like x... hence... AyeRoxor!!!
Am I close?

no, not really... :-P

If you didn't realize by now, his name means "I rock" in lame geek-speak.

Bob, Pastor would have never figured it out. Computers are connected to the internet which is connected to porn, remember?

Remember? How could I ever forget? Hehe...

Hey, you have offended my delicate geek sensibilities! And ya... I've seen the "p-orn" you speak of. :0

check out www.xxxchurch.com for more info!

sooooooooooooo lllaammmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!111

bob, stfu!!! ixnay on the anslation-tray!

Damn, I missed the clip. Anyone still have it online somewhere?

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