Brian Peppers, registered sex offender in Ohio


I feel very uneasy right now.


Saw this on about a week ago. One person claims that a friend lives on the same street. Here's the initial site where this came from:
You can also read some comments about it here:

wow pretty late on this one.
anyway, snopes got a cute school picture of him

My preciousssss...

I want to pet it and feed it frozen mice. Where can I get my own?


oh god

Crack is Bad.... don't smoke crack....

From the yearbook photo, even as a kid you knew he was going to be a sex offender. God he is ugly.

Yeah he looks different in the extreme. Leave the guy alone now.

You mean someone actually got close enough to him to be sexually assaulted?

Its like a horse with a broken leg. PUT IT DOWN.

is it weird that i feel bad for him?


no. This is someone who through no fault of their own will be ridiculed and ostracized for the rest of his life, probably never knowing love, or being able to blend in and just go to McDonalds without people staring at him. He may find love but it's all going to be uphill. So yeah, lets pick on this guy. Then we can all go punch a toddlers.

some toddlers, that is.

im glad i dont live in ohio.

yea i found out about this guy a week after he was arrested , months ago, and i live only a couple miles from him and i guess all he did was get a hooker. and hes in a wheel chair(in case you didnt know.) and hes an instant urban legend, because hes ugly and people just use sex offender as an excuse to beat on the guy, so realy i feel bad for him. but hey thats just what i heard. TOLEDO!

Clearly the water in Ohio needs to be examined. And also AyeRoxor - You're my God!

After reading what AyeRoxor said...I have nothing left to say..

Here's the Gross Sexual Imposition statute. Doesn't say anything about soliciting a prostitute. Sounds a little more sinister than that.

2907.05-Gross Sexual Imposition

2907.05. Gross Sexual Imposition [Felony]

(A) No person shall have sexual contact with another, not the spouse of the offender; cause another, not the spouse of the offender, to have sexual contact with the offender; or cause two or more other persons to have sexual contact when any of the following applies:

(1) The offender purposely compels the other person, or one of the other persons, to submit by force or threat of force.

(2) For the purpose of preventing resistance, the offender substantially impairs the judgment or control of the other person or of one of the other persons by administering any drug, intoxicant, or controlled substance to the other person surreptitiously or by force, threat of force, or deception.

(3) The offender knows that the judgment or control of the other person or of one of the other persons is substantially impaired as a result of the influence of any drug or intoxicant administered to the other person with the other person's consent for the purpose of any kind of medical or dental examination, treatment, or surgery.

(4) The other person, or one of the other persons, is less than thirteen years of age, whether or not the offender knows the age of that person.

(5) The ability of the other person to resist or consent or the ability of one of the other persons to resist or consent is substantially impaired because of a mental or physical condition or because of advanced age, and the offender knows or has reasonable cause to believe that the ability to resist or consent of the other person or of one of the other persons is substantially impaired because of a mental or physical condition or because of advanced age.

Whoever violates this section is guilty of gross sexual imposition. Except as otherwise provided in this section, a violation of division (A)(1), (2), (3), or (5) of this section is a felony of the fourth degree. If the offender under division (A)(2) of this section substantially impairs the judgment or control of the other person or one of the other persons by administering any controlled substance described in section 3719.41 of the Revised Code to the person surreptitiously or by force, threat of force, or deception, a violation of division (A)(2) of this section is a felony of the third degree. A violation of division (A)(4) of this section is a felony of the third degree.

it sort of looks like he has treacher collins syndrome.... where the cranial/facial bones dont develop correctly. check out the discovery health channel show, born with out a face.... similar, but a lot more severe.

So why don't people make this kind of fun of other sex offenders? This guy is all over the internet, just because he has a craniofacial disease. The focus is all on how he looks. Nice, people.

"This is someone who through no fault of their own will be ridiculed and ostracized for the rest of his life, probably never knowing love"

Hey, feel free to go give that guy some "love". I'm sure he'd enjoy whatever you have to offer.

my god! hes the hottest guy ive ever seen! its like, holy crap! im a straight guy, but i would let this hunk of man-sexiness do whatever he wants to me, simply cuz hes so damn studly. also, FARK was here.


Sad we are, worry about our own face we do. Shamefule it is to believe that it is acceptable to behave in a manner such as this. The force is weak in this one it is!

This is an old thread, fully explained back in may on

Umm, did anyone catch section A4? THIRTEEN? Jeez, and I thought Maine was bad...

AyeRoxor, not wanting to fight or anything, but can you honestly tell all of us that if this guy was not a sex offender and you saw him out at the mall you would want to go and make friends with him? You wouldn't look at him with quick glances and giggle a little to yourself, and later tell you're friends about the creepy little guy you saw at the mall?

Holy fuck. This guy lives about ten minutes away from me.

I always wondered why they didn't make a sequel to Bonk's Adventure. Now the sad truth is clear.

Is that Courtney Love?

He was really constipaited when they took that photo.

i feel sorry for this ugly bastard. it's disgusting his privacy is being invaded by you ugly cunts.

Wait, WE'RE the ugly ones?

I thought he was CGI or some shit.

can't you just picture that fucker hobbling into your room late at night and whipping out his deformed penis? god what a fucking weirdo.

this guy looks like a
Science Experiment gone mad Wrong!!!!!!!!

(now enters the Brian Peppers seekers Club).

if beauty is skin deep, this cunt was born inside out...

i love brian leave him alone

I don't appreciate the lude comments some of you have made about me..I'd like them to stop. I'm the victim of a terrible disease, and should not be ridiculed any further..

I don't appreciate the lude comments some of you have made about me..I'd like them to stop. I'm the victim of a terrible disease, and should not be ridiculed any further..

any of you assholes who can actually say anyting about someone who is born w/ a genetic defect needs to get your head out of your ass and realize you, too, have defective genes located on your brain chromosome. get a fucking life and get out of this poor guy's ass. oh yeah, go fuck yourselves. i don't even know this guy, he might be a horrible person, BUT I DOUBT IT, and i doubt he's nearly as shitty as you fuckheads.

Wowzers I saw this and almost threw up my chicken sandwich.


holy shit.

If you were a hooker and you got caught blowin' Peppers for 5 bucks...wouldn't you say he "Gross Sexually Impositioned" you, too???" Leave poor Brian alone or the Karma Boomerang is gonna hit ya'.

"So why don't people make this kind of fun of other sex offenders? This guy is all over the internet, just because he has a craniofacial disease. The focus is all on how he looks. Nice, people."

Yeah, all you really need to read is this and what AyeRoxor said. It's sad that even if this guy did something terrible, it was most likely the cause of people treating him like most of the people in this thread do. Did you see that one post where the person actually thinks everyone laughs at misfortunate people like this guy? How sad is that? Sorry pal, but I don't try to make my life better by laughing at people that aren't as lucky as I am. That's what a true sick person does.

You know nobody cares about what he might have done. If this guy won a nobel prize, you'd still be seeing crap like this. But this is what the world constantly gives you. It's no surprise this world is still full of fools.


its brian fucking peppers!!!!!!!!!

im being hom for halloween!



Me and my mate are setting up a charity to get brian some loving, in the way of whore, we will make sure the whore doesnt let on shes a whore, so brian feels loved. Failing being able to get a whore who will get intimate with poor brian we will spend all the money we raise on rubber vagina's and blow up dolls, these whilst not boosting his confidence which im sure he needs a lot of, they will at least quell his lusty impulses that caused him to offend sexually. I will post a url in the coming days with information on how to donate to this much needy cause

what child would get near him in any way shape or form...?

he had sex with kids and mallesded bran animals.

Bran animals? Animals made from bran? Brian sure is a crazy guy molesting some kind of animal made from cereal. Did he make them himself? or do they have a lot of these "bran animals" in america? We dont get any animals made from anything other than animal meat in lil ole england. And i only have sex with meat animals, n ever would i have sex with an animal made from bran, or any other cereal for that matter. Ive thunk it before and ill thunk it again, Brian you sure are a crazy cat. Can i ask if these animals are Bran new?

imagine how small his penis must be

this dude lives rights by me and comes into my work sometimes--- freaky as shit

Why do you think his penis will be small? And hey Ali could you get a picture of him so we can get another angle on this crazy bastard, im sure we all would like to see.

THIS POOR MAN!!!!!!! he most likely never actually did anything that bad, he probly just asked a girl for her number and she freaked out because of his features.......give a man a break :)

When i online pharmacy, splinter shakes down without seven left. I only call him mum shouts andrew, no no its the consumers paradise all over again. Meanwhile back with car andrew creep lion. How many times did he tell you!! why the hell does he never listen, im sick im sick of telling my story, if a car hit me id be grateful, i never had anything close to me, my name is Brian Peppers


Some of you people should be ashamed of yourselves. I hope all your children are born with physical defects so they can never experience so much as a kiss and have to grow up and rape people, being ostracized for it the rest of their lives.

i FEEL sooooooooooooooooooooooo
INCREDIBLY BAD for the person who was raped or mulested or whatever.OH my god te first time I saw that pic on another site I thought that was doctered, I still have my doubts...O.O

My child was born with a defect, his hands are his arms and his legs are penises! HES GREAT!

Someone got the transcripts for his trial, he tried to have sex with kid under the age of 9 or some real low age, the child was mentally retarded. Brian admitted to trying to talk the kid into sex, but thats all that happened, so he says.

Hi, I think the whole Brian Peppers idea is very nice. I think it's okay to molest kids, just as long as it makes you happy. Brian Peppers is a stud-muffin. If I was a toddler, I'd do him. He tickles MY pickle. Brian Peppers is probably the cutest guy ever, and im serious.

Everyone is defending him? He is a child molestor, this sick fuck deserves to die.. What a retard

i use my bra as a fruitbowl to store my coconuts. i use my thong as a slingshot. throw a pepper at brian peppers and throw him in jail

Most of us here are not flamin' the little creep because he is ugly....were flaming' him because he is a fuckin' child molester....and for those of you who's hearts are bleeding for him....what if it were YOUR kid that he messed with?

i think he's very sexy he is my man back home and if any of you hoes try to take him i will kick your ass. aight?

i'd do em!!!!!!!!!

damn he is so sexy id let him rape me

I personally knew Brian and his family and know exactly what happened. He does have a terrible disease. He has lived longer than any one else with this disease. What he was charged with was grossly exagerated... made worse than it actually sounds. Like other people have said, his life is not like yours and mine and should be respected. Please find someone else to pick on if that's what makes you happy. Brian is a real person with real feelings.

Does anyone know for a FACT what Brian Peppers did or are you all getting your info on it from sites like this? Why don't you find out for sure and then say something stpid afterwards?

This guy is awesome, and for the record....I've seen it, it looks like a babys arm holding an apple. His cock is way bigger than all of yours. And when he busted on my face, his semen tasted like hot trash, and it had brian pepper faces with lil tales...lick my ass cock smokers, and shit on my balls! blow me homeys

dude your sick my stomach hurts

really hurts

like a drank a gallon of milk

that was rotten

and with a mango

give the man a paper bag or somthing

I don't for a second believe the real Brian Peppers posted here, but just in case he's trolling the Web to find out who's picking on him now---
Listen, we'll stop picking on you if you stop picking on minors, m'kay? God, and just think, you screwed up your chance to audition for the Tatu role in a future "Fantasy Island" revival!!!

alright, nobody knows what exactly this thing did, nor what it didn't do. So A) People trying to sympathize with it go get molested sometime, that's the crime it was charged with. and B) So what if people make fun of it or cringe at the sight of it? Everybody to their own opinion, and you should have more to care about than lecturing people on some internet forum about THEIR views on this.

It always had a choice, now it suffers the consequences.

ur so fucking ugly y hasnt nebody shot u??

I think its funny that Koji kept refering to Brian as It, it made me laugh, the scenario with Koji, not Brian, i refer to Brian as Brian, not It. Somtimes i refer to animals as it's certain animals that is, one im not familiar with, and sometimes i have refered to babies as its, but when they seem to have a strong sense of person about them, ie talking and what not i would refere to them with their name or at least with their sex, with brian i guess id refere to him with his sex (him or her) never really as It, its probably used as a joke though, which if thats the case is kinda funny because Koji kept up with the joke throughout the whole comment with a seemingly innocent guise.

Dude... he has graves' disease to the max.

I'd hit it.

Look, we don't know exactly what this guy did, so maybe a little decorum ought to be exercised here. And yes guys, you ARE making fun of him due to his appearance. Go find a large, frightening sex offender and start a site dedicated to mocking him. This shit is cruel and I am guessing that Brian has had enough cruelty in his life already...Man, look at how quickly the internet has fucked this guy's life up even further!

Because of this man, i wish i were blessed with the gift of blindness.

HEY DOODS! IN THE HOUSE! poor ol pepper he did what he had to to get some lovin. Hes sick tho...poor ol pepper didnt know any better...just leave the poor guy alone you doods! Darn hes gross lookin..but it aint his fault. So leave him alone. He makes raisin bran taste badd oh well life goes on and so do we so lets all have a big happy family. Ya hooo

HAHAHA. Oh man! The first time I saw Brian Pepper's face I almost vomited. I did not know that the image was of a real person.
It's not like a mug like that will get you a lot of lovin' and tenderness in life, aside from your family.
He did his wrong and now he gets to live with greater burden than before.

I just found out about Brian Peppers, and when I first saw him I was scared. I mean I would feel bad for him if he wasn't a child molester, but he is and he needs to go back in jail. I just can't imagine him molesting me, or me seeing him. I'd probably be scared for life. My best friend is scared to death of this guy also, just imagine him coming to your state and I live in kentucky about 10 minutes away from cincinati. This guy is scary and I don't feel bad for him one bit. it;s his fault that he is a child molester not ours. I'm just glad it's not me.

So what if I tried to get a little action from someone? Nobody else will even let me near them so this is the only way.

You all make fun of me and all i did was try to get a little action. i know that all of you do the same with all your little toys i just decide that before i died i wanted to Fuck someone and a little kid hapeened to be the only one that wanted to do it wiht me.

i feel sorry for brian peppers for the way he looks because he was born that way and it was not his fault, but the fact that he is a sex offender is not right and we shouldnt criticize him for his physical appearence but his actions.

u guys are soo mean!!!! just SHUT UP!!! ur hurting my would u feel if u were this ugly?!?

whats the expiration date on that thing?


stop. really. don't hate on the playa just because he looks like that ok? ok. damn niggers.

Jesus Christ, I can't believe what i'm reading. You people are fucked. This piece of shit is a CHILD MOLESTOR. HE HAS SEX WITH CHILDREN. This is an unforgiveable and UNCUREABLE offense. I don't want to hear any bullshit from you pussy bitch bleeding hearts about how he's so unfortunate and he's a victim of the media. Yes, he is. He made himself into an instant internet star the second he attacked that child. And yes, he is one ugly motherfuck, and people have every right to rip on him for it. It's human nature to ridicule what you don't understand, and unless you faggots are willing to set up a night school class that teaches people about tolerance and acceptance of physically challeneged people, then shut the fuck up. I suggest you all (a) approach Mr. Peppers and ask him to shove it up your dirtshoot, or (b) request that he rape your child and scar them for life. What this shit has done is unacceptable, and there is no acceptable solution for this prick other than death by torture. Fuck you brian, go fuck yourself with a rusty 9 iron you goofy motherfucker.


Brian, if you're reading this absurd crap, stop after my post.

I'm a class mate of yours from Clay. We weren't close, but nevertheless I'm sad to see this happen.

I hope you have, or can, take this to God and find forgiveness. Your burden never seemed fair, and someday you'll get the answer.

I remember you as a strong individual, and pity seemed unwelcomed. I hope you can be stronger than your condition, as it seemed back in school.

Praying for you...

HEY ASSHOLES, HE DIDN"T DO ANYTHING TO A CHILD! Look it up at an official site, not some blog site where retards just spout ignorant crap. I don't know exactly went down but if it was a child he would be under offences towards children and HE IS NOT. And HE IS NOT under RAPE. So quit making shit up!Like KUDOS, YOU go fuck yourself with a rusty 9 iron you fucking tool! This guy isn't innocent, but like you are! Like i said i don't know exactly what happened but cross off kids and rape. So it is at least an adult situation, probably with Kudos mother. fagget ass bitch!

It's WAAAY too late to try and stop the fad that is brian peppers with a speech.

Seriously nicky, you make yourself look like a tool when you defend pieces of shit like this. You tell people to look it up on an 'official site', but you don't give a URL (maybe post one so people can become educated, fuckstain). Secondly, you don't even know what the fuck happened, so don't try and tell people they're wrong if you have no idea what the fuck happened ,dillhole. Thirdly, where would we find an 'official site'? I'd be interested to read what it has to say, and if I am incorrect I will admit it, but until you provide me with some substantial evidence proving that Peppers isn't a rapist/molestor, go fuck yourself you whiny bitch bleeding heart pussyface cunt. You're just looking for an argument because you're 36 y.o., unemployed, live with your parents, and a pathetic fatass that lives on his computer. You're just upset with the way life DIDN'T turn out for you, so you vent your chubby little angers on blogs like this, the only place anyone would ever pay a shred of their attention to you. And I'm curious by what you mean when you said 'I'm not innocent'? Are you suggesting that I molest children and rape people? I'm pretty sure I don't since I already made an adement stand against that sort of thing. Besides, why would you stand up for this ugly motherfucker? You're probably some fucked disfigured piece of child fucking trash just like him.

P.S. Use your own insults limpdick, don't play off other peoples'. And try not to spend too many days searching the internet for good comebacks and evidence to help support your case. I know you have no income and unlimited free time, but try to exercise just a little bit, tits. You'd be surprised how not being a pasty poor fatass can increase your chances of ever possibly having sex, because you're obviously a virgin.

Arguing on the internet is like the special olympics: even if you win your still retarded.

well well Kudos what a potty mouth and i thought i had one. You french your mother with that mouth? Well i'm not the porky lil internet nerd you think i am. honestly i'm not real skilled with computers. I actually don't know what URL's are but from what you said i'm guessing you meant a site to go see. Well here it is I didn't post that cuz of privacy issues to Mr. Peppers. But i'm sure if people wanted to find it they could. You'll have to go and figure it out how to find out what i said, you're smart enough right? So go find out that there was at least no kids involved and it wasn't rape. But you are right that i don't know exactly what happened but from that site i know it wasn't kids or rape.

Now cocksucker as far as all the shit talk, i don't need to argue with bitches like you over the internet, but it does amuse me sometimes. But it was you who was calling that guy all types of shit without knowing anything at all. Where did you get your info? Sites like this? The ONLY reason i stick up for this guy is because I live in the same city as him and just heard about this a few days ago in a news report on how because this guy has a facial deformity and he was on the sex offender list, which posts pictures of them. (where the pic comes from, and yes i think the should post them) But because this man has a disfigurment that he was born with he gets plastered all over the web and made fun of globally? So that is how i heard of this story and looked at a few sites with his name and i find this horrible shit on here calling him child rapist and whatnot. And if he is then hell yes, let that fuck choke to death. But i went and looked it up myself to see if it was true. So that is how i know that it wasn't a child or rape.
I guess all i'm saing is know something besides hearsay before you throw child rapist out as someones label. And yeah i don't like to see someone belittled as an ugly fuck when he can't help how he looks. What, let me guess you are type of asshole that sees a mentally retarded person walking somewhere and you are your boyfriends go derr drr and make fun, instead of just leaving them alone. "bleeding heart" whatever pussy, was liberal to follow that? It is funny that you pegged me as all that shit you said about me, way off, but that don't matter, just more ignorant rants.
PS i was just mimicing you when i used your clever one liner. I don't need to play off your genius words like limpdick, dillhole, and dirtshoot. How about dipwad or fartknocker? those were also good to use at eight years old.

Bravo nicky. I commend you on your efforts to do everything in your power to win an argument on a blog over a sexual offender. I was incorrect in saying that he is a rapist/molestor. However, like I've already said, if you want to preach tolerance to people and complain to them because their parents didn't raise them properly, go fuck yourself. You managed to sway the overall opinion of many people on this blog, so why not put your powers of investigation and persuasion into something more meaningful? From what you've stated your obviously a step above anyone on this blog, so I beg you not to waste another second of your valuable time talking to me, because I would only feel like I was hurting someone again. If you honestly do feel strongly about issues like this, maybe you should set up some sort of tolerance classes. And FYI, I did get my information solely from this site. I stumbled across it while searching for a picture of this guy, and decided to post my comment. I don't care enough to do hours of research on this subject (unlike yourself) just in case I might make Peppers feel bad, as if he even has access to a fucking computer. Every comment on this blog is irrelevent and has no bearing on people's overall opinion about him. Whether they hate him for being a molestor or for gross sexual imposition, they're still going to hate him, as they should. Anyone who takes his side is just as bad as him, especially you douchebag.

P.S. No, I don't make fun of retards, and I never have. My high school had a special room where they learned, and if I did see one in the hall I did not go derr drr as you so quaintly put it. I'm now in my 4th year of university, and there is a retarded custodian who works the later shifts. I do not speak to him, and he doesn't speak to me. I treat him as I would a custodian without that condition. Secondly, you made a reference to me being gay. For the redord I'm not gay, and I can only assume you meant this in a negative way or you would not have mentioned it at all. Perhaps you're the one who needs some tolerance courses, if you consider calling someone a homosexual an insult. Thirdly, Brain Peppers wasn't born mentally retarded, he was born with a physical disability, which does not affect his mental patterns at all. I can't see where you're relating the two (being retarded and being physically disabled). You must have a very anrrow minded view of the world if you class these together, because they can, and usually are very different subjects. I'm sure you don't need to argue with "bitches like me" over the internet, but guessing from the obvious loopholes in your argument, you are an idiot who does this on a regular basis, or you wouldn't be keeping up with this blog.

Like i said, go fuck yourself dillhole.


These comments are getting way too damn long. I think I've taken this way too seriously, just as you have. I'm going to try and shorten my comments in the future, you should do the same, but mainly because you only embarass yourself when your fingers hit the keyboard.

K, holy shit, whatever man the shit you talk is genius. You are right about one thing though i've spent an hour on this whole thing that i'll never get back. These little blogs are just here for anybody to put their 2 cents in and this is my 6th cent. I just pointed you out and said you were wrong and then proved it so now i'm done and bored. later dick.

So I guess instigating one would make you the lead retard?

So I guess instigating one would make you the lead retard?

They should make Brian peppers masks so people can dress up as him for Halloween

ew that is the most vile creature that i have ever seen. i think i just vommited in my mouth. how can you defend him?? if he wasn't a perverted sex offender we wouldn't be so harsh.. but the fact is.. he molested children.. so we're just being a little bit more harsh on him.

kudos and nick.. you guys are fags.. get over it.. why do you care so much about this guy...
stop arguing through a keyboard you cunts

Stupid cunt, we are both over it. I think we clearly stated that in our last posts. You've seen how easily i won an argument with that silly douche, so why would you try to start a new one? Besides, I'm in no mood to argue with you. Everything you wrote was irrelevent...

Ya really, he already said that was the end of it. Why don't you drop it ya fuckin cunthead, stop looking for an argument cum dumpster.

Ya really, he already said that was the end of it. Why don't you drop it ya fuckin cunthead, stop looking for an argument cum dumpster.


omg i think im in love yeah this is difently love at first sight diffently i would hit that anytime of day

OMG!!! DUDE, I WAS J/K, I DONT WANT ANY BEEF WITH YOU, IM GONNA SHIT MY PANTS........actually if i think about it..i'd also rape someone if i had a face like that...and now that i think about it....why would they allow someone with that kind of face..into a daycare, i say those ppl who hired him get fired or blamed....i mean, an ugly man walks in, a man you know cant get any pusseh...and you let him around a bunch of kids....ok hes no harm, he's safe. yeah he has a history of being psycho and having parents who are related...which would cause some kind of brain damage...on the boy...i say there's other ppl to blame instead of him


wow i thought i was done with you, you little trick. but i have to ask, how to you "win" an argument when you admit you are wrong? "I was incorrect in saying that he is a rapist/molestor" kudos dec 3 10:59 pm Check and mate fucking loser. god i do feel like a silly douche even answering you.

Like I already said, it's over. I proved you are the bigger tool by destroying every defense you had against me. All you did was post a URL. You backed down and realized you could do nothing more, and I gracefully accepted your surrender. I think anyone else, besides you, would agree that I am the victor in all of this, fatass. I did admit I was incorrect about Peppers, and then I proceeded to tear apart your argument, so, in the end, I actually came out on top.

Just one more bit for you nicky: I noticed your posting times are usually at really fucked hours, like 12:35 am, and 7:53 am. Only a geek or someone who lives on their computer would post at times like this, other epople are heading to work in the morning, asleep, or doing something more productive like hanging out with friends. Well, those of us that have friends, a job, and normal sleeping habits.

P.S. This is the last posting I'm going to put in regards to the little tiff nicky created, so say whatever you want, but know that I'm not even reading a post that's signed "nick".

I also noticed that the two people who supported my argument posted only minutes after me. What the fuck...

lol sound like a faggot to me. Kudos was right, you are a whiny pussyface bleeding heart. He beat you, accept it and move on you fucking fag. So what if Brian Peppers doesn't molest people? He's still a piece of shit, why the fuck would you even care? Your a fucking pussy.

Well dumbshit the ONE thing i called you out on, you admitted you were wrong about, so therefore you lost your argument. And the rest of the faggety shit you talked was you thinking you know a damn thing about me when you don't have a fucking clue. As far as my post times yeah i have three jobs and work/party at the club my buddy owns. so sometimes i get up/home at weird times. anyhow i never said this guy was some great guy, i just said he wasn't a child molester or a rapist and i am right. You can't win that argument no matter how much you wan't to say you did. Haha So who gives it and who takes it between you two homos anyway? Obviosly Mungkee goes down on Kudos like he just did. But Mungkee, get yours too man don't let him have all the pleasure shove your cock in his mouth, mabye that'll stop the ignorant drivel that comes out his pussy mouth.

omfg i love reading all these arguments...and by the way..BRIAN PEPPERS YOU SUCK DEFORMED BALLS BITCH!!! FUCK YOU RAPIST!!!

Just curious, but what kind of club is this exactly? from what i've read, you sound like a fuckin loser, one who definitely wouldn't work at a 'club'. unless it's like a card club for seniors, and you clean up vomit and shit all day.or maybe its a daycare?

i knew a victom of brian peppers that went suicide after he melested him. BRIAN PEPPERS IS A MONSTER!!! he should get the death penalty

im just kidding i just wanted to see what people say :P i just learned about him last night on snopes. i also saw him im a WoW screenshot that was prolly rigged lol. but anyway i think all sex offenders should get life in prison especially such as him cause i would prolly never get over that... being raped by some1 is terrible. it'd be very much worse if it was by that hidoue person

stop fucking animals you sick freak you homosexual prick

Life in prison would seem like a fair punishment, but it might not have them wishing for death. Plus it's very costly to keep prisoners alive, and he would probably need some sort of medical attention on a daily basis, so there's more dollar signs. The effective, cheap alternative? A $1.75, .30 shot in the head.There's no need to keep garbage like this alive.

Or we could butcher him and make him into fertilizer. Human materiele actually makes a very good fertilizer. Or we could feed him to police dogs?

Holy shit hes nasty. And its not just that hes ugly as hell its because he molested a CHILD. You disgust me Brian Peppers.

u ugly as shit

Lol molested. I guess you can see how much effect you had on this blog, eh nick?

Jesus, is it even capable of conscious thought? It looks like it's fuckin brain dead. How the fuck did he have the intelligence to trick little kids into sex? And who would hire him at a daycare? Wouldn't he scare the children? He's a fucking monster. I sure as hell wouldn't want a fuckin gomer like that even looking at my kid.

OMG!! STOP!! HE DIDNT DO IT!!! go to the site!! and by the way josie, it's not a seniors card club. it's a pretty hip club in LA. I'm the DJ there, and unlike Mungkee, i get pussy ALL THE TIME!! Im not a GAYLORD like you fagets!!

holy shit some fag actually used my name, little bitch yeah i didn't think anyone would change their tone anyhow considering all morons that write all the bullshit. But hey i'll stick to facts and you can stick to shit talk. good luck in life rejects.

I'm a stranger to this shocking news and I'm not even from the States, but from all that I've read I stand with Nick.
Yes he his ugly. But I'm sure everyone will agree when I say: HE'S NOT THE ONLY ONE IN THE WORLD!
Maybe even some of the people who are so enthusiastic on calling him names are as ugly as he is. Beauty is not only on the outside.
Nick probably just felt outraged to see how people immediatly tend to judge others without knowing the truth. And I agree with him.
Charge him with whatever u want BUT CHARGE HIM WITH THE TRUTH!

omg,i just wasted so much of my life reading this crap. just leave the guy alone! i dont know if hes some sick child molester or some lonely guy, but you really shouldnt waste your life writing about how ugly you think he is. i dont get why any of you never noticed this, but if this guy was a child molester, he would definitely be all over the news, especially because hes not exactly attractive. so why dont you just stop reading this and hang out w/ ur friends or something. not get so worked up about this guy. besides, its close to christmas! we should be happy! and please dont put me down or anything, im just saying wut i believe, and i have got to go cause its getting late and i really need to do my math homework.

omg,i just wasted so much of my life reading this crap. just leave the guy alone! i dont know if hes some sick child molester or some lonely guy, but you really shouldnt waste your life writing about how ugly you think he is. i dont get why any of you never noticed this, but if this guy was a child molester, he would definitely be all over the news, especially because hes not exactly attractive. so why dont you just stop reading this and hang out w/ ur friends or something. not get so worked up about this guy. besides, its close to christmas! we should be happy! and please dont put me down or anything, im just saying wut i believe, and i have got to go cause its getting late and i really need to do my math homework.

dude omg i pissed my self. im going to have nightmares.ahhhhhhhhhhhhh i said as i was leaking on the floor. thx for a fun night brine.

Look this guy should be slayed, or just skinned with a potatoe peeler and hung on a meet hook...he looks like the food they serve at McDonalds.....and stop sticking up for him....he should have touched those kids...thats sick..and ur sick for sticking up for him...and if u want us to stop...get him off the internet cause he is on here cause he did what he did with those kids...his actions caused this....EAT ME

brian is my uncle and i dont appreciate u all making fun of him he is very nice at heart he just made some bad mistakes along the way and also i dont think it is very nice of u to be saing hes ugly because he id family and my parents say that i look like him and that makes me feel bad about myself as a person

brian is a fucking gay piece of shit i cant beleive this guy like seriously look at him it looks like a vacume fucking sucked on his face im not even joking hes probly got a litte asian dick 2

Brian Pepper is my nigga! We smoke rocks and pick up little kids and shit! He is such a cutie and I don't know!

Uhm. Yeah. It IS really screwed up to make fun of this guy. He made ONE HELL of a bad choice and should be punished, but really, going through all of that crap, if you were in his shoes, would you not have done something similar? So he's not a piece of slime. He's human.

Human and...

uhm. Thosw YTMNDs are still funny as hell. So I'll continue to laugh at a face like that BUT DON'T THINK I'M NOT FEELING BAD FOR IT.

Whoever said you can tell he was going to be a sex offender from his childhood pictures was right, you can tell that he's going to be ostracised from society because of his looks, I'd be surprised if anyone would even let him pay them.

Who ever stands up for this guy is totally...totally screwed up..and aslo likes littel boys

You're right, beauty IS only skin deep. That's why it was best said: "If beauty is only skin deep, then this cunt was born inside out."

P.S. Just because people agreed with my point of view, doesn't mean you have to fabricate names and make it out to look like people on this blog agree with you, nicky.

I like Bob's logic...yes lets hope for everyone who is making fun of this mand to have bad babies that grow up to rape because they can't get their dick capped. Great story bob for your next trick I think you should selflessly hire someone to murder a kitten...or how about tell someone that there is a scratch and sniff sticker at the bottom of a lava pit? because you know...indirectly you are killing them and indirectly you are hurting someone let's not throw stones when you live in a glass dildo. K, bob?

Who's bob?

Yeah...the people who consistently say they're related to Peppers and that we should stop poking fun at his fucked-in face, it's really gay, and really old. It was gay and old before you started, so just stop. It's not funny, it's gay.

I agree, this guy should be burned and stoned to death, and saying you're related to him is not funny at all, it is actually annoying. Saying you are related to someone popular on the internet is getting very, very, very old now.

All these posts about him being a monster or a victim?
Personally, I find that a waste of time.

Personally, I find him amusing. He's still a sexual offender with the physical qualities of a purple-faced Barbara Bush with beard stubble.

this guy is so revolting it upsets my stomach and puts my eyes in agony. how could anyone defende thise vile peice of garbage who finds pleasure in takeing advantage of little boys.pretty much anyone who defends that thing is either gay or a liberal gg

eldias is a dirty stinky wolkswagon dwelling hippy it actually truthfully looks like hillery clinton after finding bill with monica lowinsky or trying to make a point good game faget

Can someone please decipher what the guy above me said?

go rent "the elephant man", you creeps. grow some compassion already.

i like the narrow-minded twit who uses the word 'liberal' as derogatory.

i think hes hott

HES SOOO UGLY..God some one kill him....i live in kentucky and some one down here is just as sick and ugly as he is...and his name is ANDREW JOHNSON...GOD HES SOOOOOOO UGLy...i would kill him...but i dont' want to go to the peda meetings for mistreating animals

This guy is one sick mofo!!!!!
Nick...why'd you tell me to look this up? I wanna puke. can this gut really get some?

I have one question... Does this guy know his father? Because I'd sue!Maybe Nick shouldn't have told you to look at this Liz! Maybe he likes the guy. (no offense Nick)

O no! nicky has (imaginarey) friends! He's creating an imaginarey alliance against us who want to see Peppers dead. And nicky, i hate you and your opinions more than anything, and I really don't wanna get into an argument like you and kudos, but your link to communitywatchdog doesn't prove anything, actually. It says he was convicted of Gross Sexual Imposition. He tried to force sex onto someone, but it doesn't say who. he could have attempted to have sex with a child, which would make him a molestor whether he actually raped the kid or not. I think you just officially lost.

Fucking raped you in the ass.

I feel bad for him, it wasnt his fault for being born that way but its no excuse for getting a job and a day care AND RAPING KIDS.


Hehe not bad...


HEY!!! this guy is my friend...and if u gusy have problems with him u can call me and ill chew your a## out...1-270-493-6042...and we will see who is ugly and deformed after i get done with you...mother f#ckers give me a ring a ding ding

OMG@!!! someone stole the link! give it back! i bet it was the hamburgler! that nigga done stole my bike not a day ago!

wow i have not been here in awile and my name is still in peoples blogs. Kudos if you do come back to read this follow your own advice man, get a fucking life! If you look you will realize that after you tell me that i'm some pasty lil pudgeball geek you have more posts here than anyone. And i don't have to make up fake people. i don't care if everyone here is against me, that doesn't change the facts. anyhow i'm quit fucked up at the moment so i'll leave it at that. You know just back from the senior club and all. Suck a fat dick you waste of flesh. and i see if you write that if you say dude worked in a day care and raped kids that people will take that and run with it but say he didn't do anything to children and have proof that it just doesn't register. well anyways i NEVER said i liked him, i don't know him but all i know is that if i got picked up as a thief i don't think its right to call me a murderer. Holmes may be a criminal but he isn't a child rapist. last post. Happy New Year lol

and Josie yeah if he did ANYTHING towards a child he would be registered as offence towards children, and he isn't. ok now i'm done

Fuck you, Kudos. If I ever saw you saw around Ohio, I would fuck you up the ass so hard. Then I'd squeeze your scrumptious little testicles, slice off my penis, and shove it up a chicken. Then I would fucking ejaculate. Fuck I'm hot.

I just love 'em. LOVE 'EM!!! Dude, straight up -- he looks like someone punched the living shit out of Lars Ulrich. Ha. I love 'em.

wow this guy is one ugly mofo!
i think he needs some help seriously like maybe some plastic surgery i dont know lol hes a crazy botch too wow hes all like im goin to cut off ur penis wow thats harsh haha well ...hes just a fugly mofo!

i wish rape was legal...

ya kno... ya can't really have much sympathy for someone who would commit such a crime.

haha wow that sucks

Let that be a lesson to kids about inbreeding... you'll have kids like Brian!

What the fuck?

sup nigs

Why are yall doin this, i know this guy and i like him, hes a good person who gets a bad rap for a BIG my number and if u have ANY GUTS YOU WIL CALL ME and i will show you who looks like a piece of crap u f*ckin me i DARE you

Jesus, someone put it out of my misery. Disgusting pile of dog shit with eyes, makes me want to fucking puke my guts out. Someone really needs to kill him, even if he is a horrid looking piece of crap, there's no reason to molest children. FUCK YOU BRAIN PEPPERS, FUCK YOU.

lol Brain Peppers

I actually feel really bad for the guy. Molesting children is just wrong, but when you grow up with a face like that, Im not that surprised. He probably had no freinds in school. Never got a girlfreind, and the chess club kids probably made fun of him. His parents abandoned him, and he never got a good education. He probably ended up molesting children because that was the best he could get besides stray cats.

seriously, i'm scared. His picture did scare me. Knowing he's in Ohio scared me. I scare easily. If I didn't know he was a dang sex offender, whatever he did, I wouldn't be scared!!!

Brian Pickle is my best friend.

Brian Pepper's mum is christine betmalik....too bad she got blown up at bali, mabey she could have stopped him from FUCKING A FETUS AND GIVING IT AIDS

Brian Pepper once ate a catfish while having sex with me, I was 22 at the time. Therefore, he was not always a bad person.

nick sucks a lot...and he lost the fight!

All of you guys sayin he deserves to die for being a sex offender, you would harsh be a sex offender too if you looked like that so show some empathy...put yourself in his shoes...sure he's a sick fuck, but it's not his fault. I bet he's had just about the shittiest life you can ever imagine.

how can you say you feel bad for someone that raped someone else...i mean hes ugly and hes probably never going to get someone but that doesnt make it right to rape anyone i mean...if it were you i dont think youd be like oh its okay just drop the charges i feel bad for him...

I can't believe I've just read 6 months' worth of posts. I'm a loser....
FYI, Brian has treacher collins syndrome, and it's pretty bad. Google it and see. It's true that other people have lived their lifes with physical deformities and not let it make them make bad choices, but I can't help but feel that this guy was just misguided because of something beyond his control. He should be punished accordingly for whatever he did, of course. But we should feel bad that ANYONE, deformities or not, makes such an incorrect mistake.

NOW STOP CLOGGING THE INTERNET WITH USELESS SHIT BRAIN SPEAK! DO SOME WORK! GENERATE SOME MONEY AND SPEND IT! Donald Trump would be ashamed of you all! Roll out the seaweed! Etc, etc....

Come on, it's like making fun of a jerk that is also fat. You wouldn't do it if he were a nice guy but he's not a nice guy. I'd feel bad for dear Mr. Peppers if he didn't rape people, but he did so he's fair game. BTW, for those of you who think this guy is laugh-worthy, check out and type in Brian Pepper into the search. Hours of fun, I'm telling ya!

I just want to say i feel terrible about Mr. Brian Pepper. I understand that he did commit a crime, i understand from court records that he did not molest a child but intended to. If he had not committed the crimes he was convicted for, he would never have been put on the Sex Offender List and none of us would ever had heard of em. So in a way he put all this unwanted attention upon himself unknowingly. Mr. Peppers, whom has probably had a rough life before he became famous is paying far more for his crime than the courts could possible sentence by the sheer amount of public ridicule.

We humans can treat each other so unkindly. I must admit when i first saw that photo i was shocked and horrified by it, even joked about it with my co-workers. It so easy for oneself to divorce himself from feeling anything for Mr. Pepper because you don't know em. But after the laughter and estonishment of seeing him in probably the worst photo i felt bad about it, i think in a way i am a worse person than he is for making some really distasteful jokes with friends. If we had to live one day in Mr. Peppers Life, none of us would be laughing now.

I am a good looking guy with a good looking wife with good looking kids, and i thank the Lord everday for it, and i wish the best for Brian Pepper. People should forgive him, and i hope Brian Pepper forgives all of us. I pray that a generous plastic surgeon who reads about MR. Pepper might help em out one day. I bet he is a really nice guy deep down and just wants to feel normal like the rest of us.


man, he is scary, he looks pyschotic not his facial features but the look in his eyes. i think that the death pentalty is too easy. hes not being punished for what he did. he needs to go to a tough prison and be raped, beat up and get done to him what paedophiles and rapists get done to them, but make him live throught it. thats hell that he will have to endure day after day and that is a fitting punishment for such a vile and depravied creature as him.

i think he should be punished for what he did not what he looked like. i mean there are handsome paedophiles and i bet they get less stick. this world is far to superficial its his personalite thats ugly not him.but i think he looks like what many people think a paedophile should look like. scary. in a way it looks like his uglyness on the inside is reflected on the outside. i have a friend with teacher collins syndrome, and shes normal nice and happy. people assume that she is disabled when they see her, but she is normal just lke us. i hate what he did not what he looks like. and that i beilive is fair. what happens o him in prison can be described as justice. but i have conflicting emotions becuase a wrong is not solved by another wrong, however he sould pay for what he did. does anyone know if he is sorry for his crimes??? if so living with the guilt would be enough/. also i belive that paedophillia is a sickness. i mean you can help who you fancy.

oops treacher

I can completely understand why hid did it. I mean look at him, he is a freak of nature. The poor guy has to be insane from having to carry around that burdon throughout his life. I mean jeez just because he is a freak doesn't mean that he doesn't have sexual urges like everyone else. How horrible, and who in their right mind could even stomach to touch this guy. Not even a prostitute. You have to punish him though, because no matter how pitiful he is, you can't let him commit crimes against society. Hard life, hard luck, FUCK THE WORLD! Thats whay I say.

This guy looks more Rock then anybody ive ever seen.. except.. he should really comb his hair, or get a hair cut.
Anyway there is no denying that Brian straight up ROCKS. And I dont mean crack. Imagine him with liberty spikes or a mohawk.. i mean thats his main image problem. Yea he looks like he got hit in the face with a bat a few times, but he chose to wear black and grow that goatee.. i dont think hes campaigning for cute. Plus i always make that face when im holding in herb, so that might be it

i was jk about herb.. brian if you ever read this, your hair is retarded.

Actually guys, I live in Toledo, Ohio and I've seen other family members of Brian Peppers. The whole family looks weird! The reason why he looks the way he does is the family is full of incest! Brian Peppers parents are brother and sister! NOW THAT"S THE TRUTH!!!

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