Bullet Bill


Ever wanted to play as the bullet from the Super Mario Bros. games? Of course you have. Worth playing for the music alone.


Finally! My greatest video gaming dream realized.... wait... no it's NOT!
Still fun though. My 5 year old loved it!

Dang being a bullet is hard. They go so fast!

I think my greatest video game dream is fucking princess Toadstool. And when we're married, she can finally lose that last name...

"AyeRoxor, do you take Princess Toadstool to be your wedded wife to live together in marriage? Do you promise to love, comfort, honor and keep her? For better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health. And forsaking all others, be faithful only to her so long as you both shall live?"

"I'm sorry Father, but could you at least try to speak in full sentences? I mean, c'mon, that 'For better or worse' fragment has no subject, object, or predicate."


Daft Punk - Robot Rock

Brown, the fault lies in how/why you inexplicably ended the sentence after 'keep her'. The whole thing is one long question/sentence with many clauses. Long sentences should be avoided but break no concrete grammatical rules.

It's simple to avoid any such issues. Any man of the cloth who marries me and my wife will probably have gone to school and actually tried to learn. That's really all it takes, kids.

Nice one Brownian.

Nah Aye, the fault lies with whoever wrote the thing I cut and pasted from the first site I came across in Google.

For all you literalists, the joke is that the AyeRoxor character is unable to control his editorial obsession, even during what should be a most emotional occasion.

It wasn't punctuated very well to begin with, so I took the liberty of changing the period to a question mark. That added legitimacy to the AyeRoxor character’s criticism of the vow, while retaining, at least superficially, the resemblance to the content and cadence of a traditional wedding vow. (If you really want to be persnickety, you’ll note that though the vow is secular, the wedding officiant is referred to as ‘Father,’ an honorific usually reserved for certain clergy members.)

If the AyeRoxor character wasn’t at least technically correct, the joke would have lost its subtlety and would have come across as a mean-spirited flame rather than the jab-in-the-shoulder it was intended to be.

Brownian, thank you for the "Hedo post sarcasm for Dummies" post... I'm sure everyone is much clearer now.
And the word "persnickety" makes me feel funny...

It's alright Al, just think good thoughts about the Oil winning tonight and those funny feelings will eventually go away.

Sorry to be exclusionary. My best wishes for the favourite teams of any of Hedo sports fans. For those who are not sports afficianados, all the best success in whatever endeavours turn your individual cranks.

Man, I'm getting all mushy. The meds must be kicking in.

I thoroughly did NOT enjoy that.

Persnickety persnickety persnickety!

I knew a guy who knew a guy who persnikitied once and now he has hair on his palms!

really....don't laugh...it's true.....

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