Underwater View of Poaching an Egg

I’m just glad somebody was willing to boil a GoPro to get this footage.

Man Locks Himself In Hot Car To Prove That Babies And Dogs Are Cowards

If you take this seriously you might have spent your childhood eating paint chips or being dropped on your head. Or left in hot cars.

Deer That Does Not Want To Be Put Down

I don’t mean put down in the killing sense. I mean put down in the, ya know, put down sense.

Lava Hot Springs High Dive

Nailed it.

Dancing in the Street, Without Music

Even if all music videos look ridiculous without music, David Bowie and Mick Jagger’s “Dancing in the Street” looks especially insane. This is the kind of thing that could only be made with the perfect combination of weirdness, 80′s, and drugs.

“What’s On Your Mind?” Facebook Short

So turns out everybody on Facebook isn’t as happy as they would have you believe. It’s true, because I saw it on a video on the Internet.

OK Go’s The Writing’s on the Wall

The logistics of something like this boggles the mind. Take away the music video aspect of it and it’s still an incredible feat of planning and execution. Here’s a video that gives a glimpse into what’s involved in a production like this.

Ford Raptor Jumps 90 Feet

Jumping your car 90 feet? What could go wrong? Oh, right, exactly everything that you could possibly imagine.

A First Drive: Google’s Self-Driving Car

Google has built a self-driving car with no steering wheel and no gas pedals. I’m assuming it’s also soundproof, so that nobody can hear your screams when it decides to drive you straight into a building filled with puppies and orphans.

Smoothest kid ever hands girl a caught foul ball

After catching a foul ball, this kid demonstrates a level of game I didn’t even know was possible. The video is slightly less stupid than that sounds. Promise.

Charlie Day Commencement Address

Charlie Day returned to Merrimack College to give their 2014 commencement address and it was glorious. Almost makes me wish I actually went to college rather than relying on my really, really ridiculous good looks to make tons of money and bang lots of hot chicks.

Interstellar – First Trailer

Christopher Nolan? Check. Space travel? Check. Epic trailer score? Check. Operation boner has commenced.

Jurassic Park Theme

Just in case you didn’t cry enough while watching Jurassic Park (maybe it was just me), watch Thomas Oliver’s cover of the theme song and let all the feels out.

6-Year-Old Yo-Yo Baby

Watch Kazuya “Yo-Yo Baby” Murata at the Asia Pacific Yo-Yo championships showing all these other yo-yoers what yo-yoing is all about. #yoyo #yolo #whatshappening?!

Tiny Hamsters Eating Tiny Burritos

I’m pretty sure somewhere within this video lies the meaning of life.

Guy Skins A Watermelon Super Quickly

I could do that. Oh wait, that’s right, no I can’t. As Redditor Truffle_Shuffle_85 puts so eloquently: “I could do that exactly once bc I would have zero fingers left afterwards.”

Adventure Awaits – Lurpak Cook’s Range

The line between cooking and space travel has never been more blurred. And that’s not a sentence I ever thought I’d write.

Jumpy, The Slow Motion Parkour Dog

If you’re like me, you didn’t even know dogs doing parkour was a thing. Well it is. And here it is in glorious slow motion.

The Futility Of Existence

Also known as: Drunk Guy Versus A Fence. (via Geekologie)

Super Fast Way To Take Off Your Shirt

Turns out you’ve been taking your shirt off like a loser your entire life. Now learn to do it like a boss.

World’s Toughest Job

“Unlimited hours. No breaks. The most important job is also the world’s toughest job.” Watch the video above and then watch this video. You be the judge.

Look Over The Watchmaker’s Shoulders

Take a peak over the shoulders of NOMOS Glashütte’s master craftsmen as they combine the best of handcraft and high-tech manufacturing to create their timepieces. If you put me on an island and gave me 10,000 years there’s no way I would ever figure out how to build a working timepiece. Although if you needed a broken raft and some crude stick-figure porn then I’d have you covered.

Most Difficult Job On The Planet

From Bill Burr’s special Let It Go. It’s old, but I’m posting it in response to this video.

Worst Wheel of Fortune Contestant Ever

You know you suck at Wheel of Fortune when every letter is solved and all you have to do is read the phrase and you still somehow manage to fail. Who would’ve guessed that literacy would be one of the key skills to have for Wheel of Fortune. Oh, wait, that’s right: everybody.

Dancing Boy Rejects Jealous Girl

DeltaTauReddit’s comment on Reddit says it best: “The only things this kid gives a fuck about are dancing and justice.” And he’s all out of Justice.